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lol it me! there is actually a number of “she deserves to be raped”, “why is she wearing that if she doesn’t want to be touched”, “attention whore”, comments on that picture. i don’t mind the picture being posted. what i mind is the rape comments. i wanted to report it and have it taken down but i guess when you report someone’s post/picture on facebook, facebook makes you essentially let them know you’re reporting it. so what does that mean? it means i’d have a very big chance of getting harassed and threatened. oh AND facebook is totally cool with rape jokes, and even rape threats. so yeah, fuck facebook and fuck dudes.

I fucking hate men

The difference between straight men and lesbians:

Their thoughts: RAEP!

mine: “but how is the chest piece staying on? And isn’t she cold?”

Honestly, wonder how they are staying up to? Is it double-sided tape? Is that tape really that strong?

OKAYOKAYOKAY literally like 3 quarters of the people who comment on my costume ask how the top stays on so i think it’s only fair that i make an official explanation post lol
the top is basically the same structure of a bra, but without the cups. the straps are backpack straps. the gun holsters are held into place with velcro. i glued velcro strips both onto the holsters and the backpack straps. that’s it! here is a picture of the back


Oh my god that’s so fucking ingenious I love it. Like, that is held together with a hope, a prayer and some excellent engineering.

I’d never have the nerve to wear it, but mad props!

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